In which object is the light darker? brighter


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    Light-colored objects emit more light and dark-colored objects absorbs more light
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    light-colored objects (like white) reflects most of the light that strikes it, therefore appearing brighter than dark-colored objects (like brown, gray, and black) which absorbs most of the light striking it, making the object more "dense" in color, appearing darker.

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    As I can remember it is brighter when we use the LPO and darker when we use the HPO, but amount of light can be adjusted by regulating the diaphragm
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    I think in the LPO the light is darker and in the HPO the light is brighter.
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    Lpo. pls appreciate my answer
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    Peripheral vision is more light-sensitive than central vision
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    The light is brighter at LPO and the light is darker at HPO
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    The scanner is brighter than the lpo
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    Using the low power objective you can see not only the specimen but it also includes its surrounding therefore these parts  not occupied by the specimen will allow more light on the field of the microscope so it is brighter while using the HPO as you might nave observed the lens is near the specimen and it focuses on certain parts of your specimen so whole part of it is pointed towards area covered by the specimen so less light is able to pass through therefore it is darker
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In which object is the light darker? brighter...