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In a neuron, short, branching cytoplasmic extensions that recive information and carry it to the cell body are called? ​


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    seismic waves- the energy that radiates in all directions from the focus in the form of waves

    1. body waves

    a. p-waves- travels faster than the s-wave, also called compressional waves, they travel through solid, liquid and gas

    b. s-waves- travels slower than a p-wave through earth and solid, moves as shear or transverse waves, cannot travel through any liquid medium

    2. surface waves

    a. love wave- faster than rayleigh wave, it moves the ground in a side to side horizontal motion

    b. rayleigh wave- it moves the ground either up and down or side to side similar to the direction of the wave's movement

    q1. surface waves can only travel through the surface of the earth while the body waves can travel through the earths inner layers

    q2. body waves because it can travel through earths interior and have a higher frequency than the surface waves

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    Although a fish can take in oxygen, they can only take in oxygen from water; as evident by water's molecular confguration (HH_{2}O)

    When the fish goes on land, their gills collapse, causing them to suffocate. This is due to the fact  that their gills are not suitably made for taking in air. A high surface area is also needed for aquatic animals in order to take in oxygen, and when they go to land, these things all of these things collapse together, blocking their way of taking in oxygen.

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    I would put Amoeba, Paramecium and Cheek cell as Eukaryotic cells because they possess a variety of structures called organelles, which perform various tasks within the cell. Whilst I classify Diplococus and Spirila as prokaryotes because they are unicellular microorganisms that lack a distinct nucleus and membrane-bound organelles.


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In a neuron, short, branching cytoplasmic extensions that recive information and carry it to the cel...