How organism obtain and utilize energy


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    Organisms obtain energy from the food they consume. The food consumed by the organisms undergo cellular respiration as a result of which energy is released. Mitochondria are called power houses of the cells.



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    •Organisms like humans obtain our energy by breaking down molecules and utilizing their chemical energy. Specifically, we rely on the oxidation of these molecules to obtain electrons that drive the chemical reactions in our bodies. Such organisms are known as chemotrophs. Chemotrophs that have to ingest organic matter (us) are called chemoheterotrophs. Chemotrophs that can make everything they need from carbon dioxide rely only on inorganic matter and are called chemoautotrophs (certain types of bacteria). Plants, on the other hand, obtain their energy by converting solar light energy into chemical energy. Light and the oxidation of water provide energy to synthesize organic molecules from carbon dioxide. These organisms are known as phototrophs.

    •On the other hand, plants get energy from the sun and use carbon dioxide and water in the technique called photosynthesis to provide strength in the form of sugars. Animals use sugars provided by way of flowers and other organisms to supply strength inside the shape of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). All residing organisms get their rely on and electricity from the surroundings, whether or not it's miles from the air, soil, water, or meals. Scientists devised the Pyramid of energy to explain how energy moves across the food chain. The pyramid consists of producers, number one purchasers, secondary consumers, and tertiary purchasers. producers, which include flora, are at the bottom of the pyramid. producers do now not consume other organisms for strength. primary purchasers depend upon plants for their energy and secondary consumers rely on the number one purchasers for their energy. on the pinnacle of the pyramid are tertiary consumers, or decomposers, which benefit power from secondary customers. Decomposers destroy down decaying organisms to reap their power. Cells in living organisms require strength to hold their systems and function, also, to grow and reproduce. dwelling organisms also produce electrical energy and can make copies of DNA molecules by way of the usage of ATP. power is likewise used to move muscle groups and bring signals from the brain to one of a kind nerves.


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    some example on how organism obtain and utilized energy.

    In the energy pyramid, only 10 percent of the energy can be transferred to next trophic level. Producers occupies the first trophic level since it is considered as the producers. Producers has the ability to make their own foods by the process known as photosynthesis. Consumers belongs to the second or higher trophic level as the primary consumer and secondary consumer. Producers can only transfer 10% of its energy to the 2nd trophic level since 90 % of the energy of producers are used in metabolic purposes like growth.  


                                  Plants         →         Cow          →        Tiger

    Trophic level            1st                          2nd                    3rd

    Energy (cal)           100,000                  10,000                 1000

    Based on the data above, grass can give 10% of the energy to the cow, and the cow can only give 10% of its energy to the tiger since 90 percent of its energy are used for metabolic purposes like growth.

    Organism utilized the energy by moving and metabolic purposes like growth.

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    Organisms obtain their energy from ensuring that they eat or consume the right amount of food everyday. By so doing this, they will be able to sustain their energy which they need in order to survive the daily challenges of the environment that they love in. This energy also give them enough flexibility and stamina to face any environmental issue that they may face everyday.
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    They combine it with water and carbon dioxide from the air to produce sugars for themselves.
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