How can mail merge be useful to the students?


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    1.creating a main documents and the template

    2.cheating a data sourse

    3.defining the merge fields in the main documents

    4.merging the data with the main documents


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    Mail merge


    Mail merge is a Microsoft Word tool that allows you to easily modify one part of a document with unique data elements. For example, say you want to write a holiday letter and send it to 20 people. You can write the letter and create a mail merge to print it with 20 different salutations (Dear Sue, Dear Jack, Dear Peggy, etc.). Mail merge works by linking a database to your document. The database contains the unique elements (Sue, Jack, Peggy, etc.) and the document is your letter, invoice, label set, or another file. Mail merge saves you time and effort because it automates the process of entering one unique piece of data into a document.

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How can mail merge be useful to the students?...