All except one are basic considerations in selecting and evaluating the content of instructional material. which is not?
a. will it motivate and maintain interest?
b. can it easily dismantled
c. is there evidence of its effectiveness
d. does it match the content?


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    Prepare for fight

    prepare for war

    prepare for cooking

    prepare for washing

    prepare for dinner

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    answer:8 Simple Steps to Making Better Career Decisions


    •Think Like a Scientist. ...

    •Imagine Your Future Self. ...

    •Distinguish Between Feeling and Intuition. ...

    •Consider all Your Options. ...

    •Stop Looking for Signs. ...

    •Talk about Your Concerns with a Trusted Person. ...

    •Take Your Time. ...

    •Don't Decide in Fear.

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    Choose a content that is heartmelting and educative

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    Coherence is a glue that holds a text together. It ensures that all of the words and phases work together with each other. If there is coherence, there is unity and the principal point will be delivered harmoniously. As a writer, it is imperative that all the ideas are relevant to the main topic to avoid confusion and establish understanding with the readers.

    In writing a coherent text, you must consider the following:

    1. There should be a topic sentence - The paragraph should have only one generalization that acts as the focus of attention.

    2. The writer should maintain control over the supporting sentences - The sentences that followed should still be parallel to the main idea. It shouldn’t veer off from the point as it may distract the readers.

    3. Transitional words and phrases should be utilized - The usage of transitional words and phrases is very important as they provide smooth transitions from one idea to another. They also help in explaining how the writer’s thoughts are related to each other.

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    Double-check to make sure you have the right time, date, and location of the test.

    Do a relaxing activity the night before the test, and go to bed early to get plenty of rest.

    Know what types of questions will be asked.

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    First, you must to have matched plate, you must have unity in your design, choose blending colors to make it more attractive, innovated design is good but make it sure that you performed it very presentable and lastly make your plate neat and clean

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    Main Influencing Factors.

    Different life roles.

    Personality and interests.

    Previous work experience.

    Cultural background.

    Economic and social conditions of life.

    The financial aspect.

    Find Your Best Career.

    You can make your hobby your work.

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    This article helps you make the right choice when you're facing a fork in your career ... Making a career move is a very important decision. It requires serious thought and consideration.

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All except one are basic considerations in selecting and evaluating the content of instructional mat...