Unang pinaplantsa ang pantalon sa


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    2.54 centimeter per 1 inch

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    TLE: Carbohydrates

    Which of the following vegetables is rich in carbohydrates?

    a. legumes, peas, and beans  

    b. nuts, olives, and avocado

    c. mushroom, tomatoes, and radish

    d. seeds, roots, and tubers


    The correct answer is Letter A. Vegetables like legumes, peas and beans are rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the source of energy that mainly composes of sugars, starch, and cellulose compound. Carbohydrates can be distinguished as low carb and high carb from the different kinds of foods that belong to the group of carbohydrates . From the choices above, letter b, c and d vegetables mentioned does not fall in the category of carbohydrates. These kinds of vegetables do not carry the components found in carbohydrates.

    Some Examples of CarbohydratesIce

    To know more about carbohydrates and its components and classifications:

    Classification of carbohydrates:

    Sources rich in carbohydrates:

    What are the functional groups present in carbohydrates:


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Unang pinaplantsa ang pantalon sa...