What is the status of food service industry in the Philippines? Why is it important to keep up with the latest food service trends?


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    -ang produkto isang halimbawa ng supply then ung serbisyo pinagkikitaan .. ganun haaha ..

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    you need to click the icon of the microsoft excel then you can start opening the spreadsheet to close click the the x button on the upper right side or  press CTRL W on your keyboard


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    C. Worms

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    The dishes we serve prior to the main course are designed to whet the appetite and set the tone for the meal. They occupy the mind and belly while dining guests wait for the centerpiece that will satisfy their hunger to the fullest.

    Ball Cutter– sharp edged scoop for cutting out balls of fruits and vegetables.

    Rubber spatula– used to scrape off contents of bowls.

    Channel knife– small hand tool in making garnishes.

    Spatula– used for manipulating foods like spreading.

    Wire Whip– used for mixing thinner liquids.

    Zester– used to remove zest or citrus peels in thin strips.

    French knife– for chopping, slicing and dicing.

    Paring knife– used for trimming and paring fruits and vegetables.

    Butter curler– used for making butter curls.

    Cutting board– board for cutting fruits and vegetables.

    Kitchen shear– cutting device for ingredients like scissors.

    Potato Masher– designed to press potato and cooked vegetables.

    Chiller– for keeping cold foods chilled for service.

    Oven– for baking


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What is the status of food service industry in the Philippines? Why is it important to keep up with...