Farm activities materials
Quantity of pump and gearhead


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    Puerto Prinses

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    mas magiging maalam tayo sa paggamit ng computer. matututunan natin ang mga shortcut keys upang mas mapadali ang paggamit nito.



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    We have a favorite food. All has an important job that is done in our body, all of them is important. Food pyramid identified the food that an individual can eat every day. Eating right food, right amount of food can make a person healthy.  Pyramid has a different color and those foods are the right food that we need to eat.

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    There are five colors in the pyramid that represents the five different food groups plus oils.1. Orangethese includes grainsMake half your grains whole2. GreenVegetables3. YellowFruits4. BlueMilk5. PurpleMeat and beans
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    Part of what an entrepreneur does is solve problems. They make something more efficient, provide a better service or build a new product that helps people in their everyday lives. Whatever it is that entrepreneurs are trying to sell, it's meant to change and improve lives (and turn a profit).

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Farm activities materials Quantity of pump and gearhead...